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Meet Your Practioner
Amanda Picken, L.Ac, MAcOM

Amanda Picken is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is board certified and licensed in both Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in the state of Texas. She completed her master’s degree in medical studies in Austin, TX at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. She has pursued advanced training in the fields of gynecology, fertility, and endocrinology. She is passionate about finding natural and integrative ways to restore and rebalance the hormones in our bodies. 

In addition to treating patients in her clinic, Amanda loves to inspire and educate others. She believes wellness starts with how we care for our minds and bodies on a daily basis. Empowering women with knowledge about their bodies is a key part of her mission. She carries out this mission by reaching a broader audience through the GOODBODY blog, social media, and public speaking opportunities.
When Amanda is not in the clinic, she enjoys exploring Austin’s food, music, and art scene. She loves all things relating to fashion and interior design and stays active through yoga and nature walks. 

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A good body isn't about having a body that looks good, it's about cultivating a body that feels good to live inside of.